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Put your money where it works for you
Building online assets so you get best return on your investment.
Designs & Media, LLP guarantees 1st page placement for your SEO campaign. If this doesn't happen by the end of the contract, we will work for free until it does.
95.6% Client Success Rate
Any website marketing company that claims they are perfect is lying. No one is perfect in this industry. No one will gives you 100% Success Rate.
Designs & Media, LLP Mission
The mission of Designs & Media, LLP is to change the worldwide ineffective image of SEO Companies.
Smart Technology
HTML5, CSS3, MVC Frameworks, CSS Frameworks, Responsive Design etc. make your web presence great.
Competent Workforce
We have assembled an elite team of highly qualified IT professionals with Expertise.
Proven Process
Industry standard project and process management Keeps us ahead of small web agencies & freelancers.